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                 LIGHT-NETWORK, a path for the soul

This article was originally published in the Signs of Prayer Magazine 18, 2013

For two years we have been accompanying the groups that are part of the
Light- Network, present today in 24 countries.
The Light- Network as it is expressed through the activities of service groups, of
study groups and groups of prayer and healing has led us to understand what its
action is about.

But it is time to ask: what is the inner meaning of the Network?
Why are groups motivated to be part of it? What is behind the Light-Network?
With these questions in our hearts we decided to share with the readers of the
journal “Signs of Prayer” certain thoughts about what the Light- Network is about.
Our first outlook is always material and external, and soon we define the Light-Network
as the accomplishment of activities and tasks. And thus we see it as a sector, as an
area of work. But we have realized that this is a partial vision. We realized that the
Light-Network is a state of consciousness!

How so? What goes on within the consciousness and the heart of those who are members of the Light-Network?

We have come to understand that to become a member of the Light-Network something
has touched us within, propelling us to collaborate so that life on the Earth can become
permeated by Peace and Goodness. Yes, because the Light-Network, as it takes action
by means of prayer, of service, of study and of healing, seeks to promote Peace.
And what was it that touched us within? Where does this call, that makes us
believe that Peace is possible, come from?

The Light-Network within us

Somehow we have had the life experience that within us it is possible to find
vibrations such as silence, unity, love, forgiveness, serenity, cooperation. All this
brings peace to our interior. Thus we have had the opportunity of living through
these divine vibrations and realized that they may be brought to our daily life.
When we are touched by these vibrations we are impelled to try to live our lives
differently from the way in which we had been living; we feel that something
greater in unveiled within us.

This is exactly the moment when the Light-Network is born within us; when we
move on to being conscious that the divine dwells within us. From then on life
acquires a new horizon because we realize that we are children of God and that
He has perfect plans for us, within the great universal architecture. And faced
with this realization, again we try to live in peace, even in the midst of troubles.
The experience of taking part in group life in the Light-Nuclei and in the
Light-Communities is also decisive for us to understand that the possibility is
available for living a life of cooperation in fraternity, in union of goals and purposes.
In the Nuclei and in the Communities, instruction, prayer, service and healing are
lived continually as a daily work schedule. So, a true vortex of Light is manifested
in these areas and all those who are there can understand with their heart what
a new life on Earth is about, what life is like when it is led by the Will of God. And
there we also live in peace.

So from one experience to another, going through generous opportunities of
development, finding out about inner life, going through trials and learning, we
realize that we can lead our life in such a way as to be more receptive to the inner
world. We keep learning how to love in a better way.

Finding God in daily life, in the inner life, in group life, is all transforming, and
Fraternity becomes a great endeavor to be experienced.
“God within me and in my brothers and sisters,” says the prayer. Thus our hearts
invite and summon us to be servers and to bring into our daily lives, to our brothers
and sisters and to the towns where we live, the continuous exercise of prayer, of
instruction, of service and of healing.

The Light-Network is in fact a state of consciousness, an inner state that prompts
us to help the Plans of God to be fulfilled in humanity and in the different kingdoms.


With this purpose, the Light-Network groups are born. People who are internally
touched by Peace, by Good, by Fraternity, by God, united in groups that are to be
instruments of Light. They know in their hearts that there can be the manifestation
of renewed life. They know in their consciousnesses that love, forgiveness and
redemption are Graces that may be received by all.

As instruments of this Light that is irradiated from the Heavens to the Earth, the
Light-Network is active through prayer groups, study groups, and groups of service
in creches, homes, hospitals and in the streets. It also provides public hearings, it
organizes mobile libraries, and hands out pilgriming books and CDs.

Since its beginning, the activities of the Light-Network are being indicated by Mary,
Divine Mother, through Her apparitions and daily messages. And this is why today
the Light-Network is an instrument of the Celestial Work under the regency of the
Divine Mother that is the Source for groups to play a part in instructing, in praying,
in service and in healing. When we follow Her indications with our hearts we will be
collaborating with the Plans of God for humanity.

In the apparition of December 24th, 2012, Mary transmitted:

Principles of the Universal Light-Network

Message transmitted by The Universal Mother
12/24/2012 – In Aurora, Uruguay

“As the Immaculate Heart I want to weave into your lives the definitive Light-Network of service, of healing in the ones who suffer most, of universal and planetary prayer, and of constant instruction of My maternal words.

With this, my children, I tell you that today on Christmas Eve Christ is born by means of the expression of all Marian missionaries
of the Universal Light-Network; for My Maternal Heart accompanies the design of the Most High’s Plan through the project
accomplished by the abnegated and sincere donation of souls on Earth.

Christ is born on this Christmas Eve under the light and love of all missionaries of the Universal Light-Network who worship His
Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Dear children, may this encounter with Me, in this glorified day, be a reason for joy, for through the intermediary of the missionary works of the Universal Light-Network the Father saves many souls and lights up hope, healing, service and prayer in those who have lost Him.

Through the existence of the Planetary Light-Network God can show to His children His will, and the needs that many of My
children live through, in these times of transition.

May this new Star of Bethlehem from the Universal Light-Network unite you with the Divine Consciousness of God so that
you may recognize in the Love for the Highest His absolute Will.

That by the full donation of the missionaries the light may be reborn in the most needy children of Mine at this time, under the Redeeming Love of My Son.

Dear children, may the Universal Light-Network, today blessed and consecrated to the Co-redeemer work of My Immaculate Heart, irradiate the following blessed principles for souls and for the whole planet:

1. Be the star that illuminates and guides the future of the hearts.
2. Diffuse the Immaculate Love of Mary as a fount of mercy for souls.
3. Open the doors of Heaven through the devotion of the faithful and through the pilgrims of Mary.
4. Relieve human pain so that healing from the Christic Spirit may manifest itself in each being.
5. Recognize Jesus Christ in each soul of this world.
6. Propagate peace in the world by the means of the work of healing, prayer, and instruction.
7. Serve tirelessly in love for those who must reach the Light of God.
8. Share ecumenical and Christic fraternity through the union of all prayer groups.
9. Bring to the life of each consciousness the law of Instruction of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
10. Promise God and His Universal Creation to work for Peace and for Good in the most needy ones.
11. Build through the heart and propagate the announcement of the redeeming coming of Christ the King.

Dear children, many principles of Light and Peace may be found when the Universal Light-Network works with the hope that all humanity will accomplish redemption before God the Father.
By means of united and fraternal service amongst souls My Maternal Heart calls you to acknowledge that your goal is for the whole world to live the awaited years of peace, years that will reconstruct humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.
Children of Mine, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I consecrate this new star of the Universal Light-Network in the name of the
Father, the Love of the Son, and of the perpetual guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah. Amen
I thank you all for being participants on this blessed day of peace.
Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.”

Being a group of the Light-Network,  a challenge that is transforming.

Practicing and applying the Principles announced by the Divine Mother is a rich
opportunity for learning. The Light-Network groups meet by affinity to these purposes
and thus a sacred brotherhood is being sowed. While they work, these groups become
channels of light between Earth and Heaven. And since the proposal is that everything
should be lived honestly and with the heart, the groups can be multipliers of this action
for Goodness and Peace.
The beauty and joy that are part of the tasks of the Light-Network do not exclude the
great challenge of group work. Being a Light-Network group is something that
happens gradually as each member carries out his or her own inner work.
Being a Light-Network group means making an effort so that personal and individual
preferences are overcome and the group task can be the priority. That is, we resign
that which we like or prefer so that the unity of the group can prevail – for example, not
saying our favorite prayer to say the prayer chosen by the group.
In order to follow the instructions of the Light-Network (set by the Hierarchy) we must
love them, even though we do not understand them. And this is possible when the
effort of the group is directed to the fulfillment of the Will of God.
This is why we say that it is a challenge being a Light-Network group; it means
transcending oneself to disclose group life; it means allowing the Mind of God to be the
guide to our lives.

“Today I wish to leave in each of your hearts a part of My Warrior Love,the one that battles tirelessly for the souls of each one of My children. Take this Love in your heart and allow it to impel you forward.”

How the Light-Network works

“Currently the 370 groups of the Light- Network are present in 24 countries. Each of
these groups represents a Light collaborator who said “YES” to God’s plans for His
creatures. These groups were divided into 20 regions and, in each one of them, it is
possible to get in contact with the responsible collaborators”.

Planetary Light-Network                                   

Brazil / Brazilia and Goiás                                       

Brazil / Espíritu Santo                                         

Brazil / Mato Grosso                                            

Brazil / Mato Grosso do Sul                             

Brazil / Minas Gerais                                            

Brazil / North and Northeast                            

Brazil / Rio de Janeiro                                        

Brazil / São Carlos and surrounding areas

Brazil / São Paulo and surrounding areas  

Brazil / South                                                  








Central America                                                

North America and Australia                      


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