OGM and the Visionaries

Grace Mercy Order

Living the Christic love, in an absolute offer of one’s life”

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The Grace Mercy Order is a religious institution of an independent, philosophical, and ecumenical character, which proposes a monastic life through a life of consecration.

It has as a priority the union with the Christic Consciousness. It is concerned, above all, with a fraternal communitarian way of life, devoted to peace, to prayer, to good and to selfless service.

Founded in 2009, the Order offers Itself unconditionally as an instrument of God’s work, in communion with all human beings and other kingdoms of Nature.

For more information about the Grace Mercy Order, visit: www.ogmisericordia.org

The Visionaries

…and the Consecrated Life”


Consecrated life is materialized through sacrifice which includes the continued practice of renouncing one’s own human condition and an unconditional openness to the divine state.

A monk lives a permanent surrender to the service of God, in eternal gratitude for the task that has been offered to him or her.
Consecrating oneself is the aspiration of the soul that awakens.

The Virgin Mary has indicated the step of consecration to the visionaries chosen to convey Her messages. Mother Mary Shimani of Montserrat, Friar Elías of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Sister Lucía of Jesus – consecrated monks of Grace Mercy Order – committed themselves to Our Lady unconditionally to collaborate with the manifestation of the task She needs to perform together with humanity.

For more information about visionaries, visit: www.divinamadre.org


  • Giovanna says:

    When the angels come from the trees, do the trees still live or do they die? Do they change in any way?

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      Dear Giovanna (is this your name?),

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      Before we answer this question let us ask you a question first:
      Is this comment related to an Apparition of the Divine Mother that you may have watched or specific episodes that you may have witnessed? If so, would you please give us more details?

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