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Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Her Message of Peace

Guadalupe, Mexico (1531)

The Apparitions of the Virgin Mary began on the 9th of December of 1531 amidst a great crisis in the whole country. The peasant Juan Diego, while walking by a hill called Tepeyac heard music that sounded like the singing of many birds. While climbing the hill he saw a beautiful lady who identified herself as the perfect and perpetual Virgin Mary and asked him that at that very place a chapel be built. She then asked Juan Diego to go to the house of the Bishop of Mexico, Juan Zumarraga to tell him everything that he saw and heard.

It was on the 12th of December of 1531 that he encountered the Virgin again. She asked that he pick all the flowers that were on the hill. In order to be able to carry them he used a “tilma”, a mantle made with cactus fibers. The Lady arranged all the flowers on the tilma in a way that She said was special. Then She made a bundle and asked that Juan Diego open the bundle only in the presence of the Bishop. When he did this, the wonderful flowers fell to the ground in a profusion of colors and splendid perfumes.

On the inside of the tilma appeared an image that all could see. The news of the miracle spread quickly. The tilma, with the image in its original form has been available for public viewing since the miracle occurred in December 1531. It is one of the most attractive and soulful images of the Christian world. This tilma, that should have decomposed over 445 years ago, is still flexible and firm, and shows no signs of decomposition or deterioration.

Lourdes, France (1858)

In 1858 rumors spread that Our Lady had returned, this time in Lourdes, in the southwest of France. During the winter, on February 11th, three girls went out to pick up sticks and branches near a cliff called Massabielle. The oldest one walked towards the cliff and when the other two decided to go check on her, they found her on her knees in front of a grotto as if paralyzed, with her face looking up, frozen, with dilated eyes, and they could not move her arms. The paralyzed girl was Bernadette Soubirous and that simple cave would become one of the most famous and majestic grottos of history.

During the 16th Apparition, on March 25th at the Festival of the Annunciation, Bernadette heard from the Lady that She was the “Immaculate Conception”. Bernadette then told this to Priest Peyramale, who was very impressed with the report. The Lady had finally identified Herself as the Immaculate Conception, which meant that She was in truth the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior. Bernadette did not understand anything about the matter.

When she was sixteen Bernadette went to the convent of the Sisters of Nevers. She stayed there in humility and in silence until her death on the 16th of April of 1879, at the age of 32. In 1933 she was canonized as Saint Bernadette.

Fatima, Portugal (1917)

The village of Fatima is located about 112 miles north of Lisbon. In 1917 it was a very poor and rocky area inhabited by farmers. On May 13th, 1917 Lucia dos Santos (eight years old), and two younger cousins, Jacinta and Francisco, were taking care of the sheep in the rocky pasture called Cova da Iria. At noon time a beautiful Lady appeared over the top of a tree and made three requests: “I want you to come here on the 13th day of every month at this same hour until October. Then I will tell you Who I am I and what I want”. She asked the children to learn to read and write, and to “pray the rosary every day for peace on earth and for the end of the war”.

On the last day marked for the Apparitions in Fatima, the 13th of October, at the Cova da Iria , a strong and persistent rain continued to fall. It was freezing cold in that place. A crowd of 50,000 people waited amidst much mud. All of a sudden the clouds opened and the sun appeared as a great silver disc. Then, the sun begun to spin and to dance in circles. Many people fell on their knees in prayer. After a moment everyone saw the sun be elevated back to its original place.
Sister Lucia explained, in her last book that during the transmission of the message by the Virgin, beginning with the Apparitions of the Angel, there was an appeal for prayer and sacrifice to be offered to God for the love and conversion of the sinners. For her this appeal is a basic theme of the message that begins to introduce everyone to a plan of faith, hope and love. Today the Sanctuary of Fatima is visited by millions of peoples every year.

Medjugorje, Bósnia-Herzegovina (1981)

In June of 1981 the teenagers–Ivanka Ivankovich, Mirjana Drajicevich, Vicka Ivankovich, Jakov Colo and Ivan Dragicevich–were faced with the luminous silhouette of a woman that floated in the air about one meter above the ground. After reporting what happened to the people where they lived some time later, multitudes began to gather at the place, and they saw the miraculous lights at the Podbrdo, which means “foot of the hill”. The Lady revealed that She was the Virgin Mary and asked “Peace, Peace! Reconcile yourselves.” A few years later Marija Pavlovic-Luneti also began to receive messages from the Virgin.

The visionaries were interrogated by the police and passed through psychiatric examinations which concluded that the youngsters were balanced and in good health. Miraculous healings occurred, such as a blind man who recovered his sight and a paralyzed child who started to walk. Then a great religious awakening took place in Medjugorje and the surrounding areas. The authorities tried in vain to frustrate the Apparitions. Messages were received, many of them secretly. Thousands of people reported seeing miraculous lights and other unusual phenomena including the healing of illnesses, of physical infirmities, and psychological disturbance.

On the day of June 25th of 2014 the Most Holy Virgin transmitted the following annual message to the visionary Marija Pavlovic in Medjugorje: “Dear children! The Most High gives Me the grace to still be with you, and of guiding you in prayer to the path of peace. Your hearts and your souls are thirsty for the peace and for love; for God, and His joy. For this, little children, pray, pray, pray, and in prayer you will discover the wisdom of life. I bless everyone and I intercede for each one of you before My Son Jesus. Thank you for having answered to My call”.
Text adapted from the work “The Great Apparitions of Mary” by the North American Ingo Swan and published in Brazil by Editora Paulina.


Mother of the Divine Conception


History of the Messages of Mary


In November of the year of 2011, while the visionaries were visiting Medjugorge, on the 15th day of November, the Virgin Mary began a cycle of Apparitions to address Her Daily Messages of Peace to humanity, which would have the aim of transmitting instructions and prayers for all of Her children in these times. These messages were transmitted to the visionary Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart, a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order.Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 4.42.39 PM

At the beginning of the transmission of these messages, Mary summoned us for the creation of a Portal of Peace for the posting and diffusion of Her messages. And She said:

“Today My Heart blossoms with joy and happiness because of the immense amount of prayers addressed to My Immaculate Heart. Rest your beings upon My mantle and allow Me to guide you through the paths of My eternal Peace.
My dears: I come today to announce to you the foundation and the beginning of the communication of My Messages of Peace to the world.
I wish to tell you, My little ones, that today we are in the Heart of Christ, reverencing this good news that I announce to you in dialogue through the daily manifestation of My messages of light and of peace for all of the souls wherever they may be.
Therefore, collect the fruits that I am giving to your hearts and carry My words into action in life, in service, in charity, in love, in peace, and in the rescue of all of My dear little children daily.
These messages will be for all, without exception, because I want to be able to pour My final Graces upon the hearts that are awake and upon the ones that are asleep.
I want you to rejoice your hearts for the times that will come.
This portal will be a meeting point with Me and it will transmit My Marian Voice to all of the hearts.
This will be a space given over to the Divine Plan where My Heart will work for the peace in the world.”

A year later, on the 15th day of November of 2012, the Most Holy Mary announced that this cycle of daily Apparitions was coming to an end and that a new cycle was beginning, this time of weekly Apparitions.


On the 15th day of November of 2012, in the Marian Center of Aurora, the Divine Mother announced a cycle of weekly Apparitions to give messages to humanity.

On this day She told us that these Weekly Messages would be communicated on Saturdays, in an Apparition to Her visionaries Friar Elías of the Sacred Heart and Sister Lucía of Jesus.

These Apparitions were public and they were announced through the Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother. They were not transmitted on the internet but they were recorded and later posted on the website.


Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 4.42.51 PMOn the 13th day of November of 2012, in the Marian Center of Aurora, the Divine Mother, in Her monthly Apparition, announced that the Father was permitting the transmission of Her messages to one more daughter who was going to share the task of the Apparitions with Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart as a visionary and a clairaudient.

Thus it was, two days later, in the Apparition of the 15th day of November, Sister Lucía of Jesus, a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order, was called by the Divine Mother to begin this new task together with Her.


Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 4.42.15 PM

On the 10th day of January of 2013, in the Marian Center of Aurora, while Mother Mary Shimani of Montserrat and Friar Elías of the Sacred Heart were praying, the Virgin Mary presented Herself to announce the beginning of the transmission of Her messages to one more soul, to a consciousness who would accompany Her in this task and who would be the third pillar for the diffusion of Her Message.

From this date on Mother Mary Shimani of Montserrat, a consecrated monk, instructor and member of the Permanent Council of Guidance of the Grace Mercy Order, began to receive messages from the Divine Mother, in private on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and publically on Saturdays together with the visionaries Friar Elias of the Sacred Heart and Sister Lucía of Jesus.

To read the transcription of the special Apparition of the 10th day of January of 2013, click here.



In the weekly message transmitted November 2nd, 2013 in the Marian Center of Figueira, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, announced the beginning of a new cycle of instruction and guidance through Her Messages.

From December, Her Messages will be received monthly, the third saturday of each month. This cycle will last one year, until December of 2014, and during 2015 Our Mother will continue to accompany us with Her monthly apparitions.

The Apparitions will continue to be public and open to all the pilgrims that want to share these encounters of Peace with Mary. They are transmitted on the internet, and some will be taped and then published on

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