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Who are we?

We are a Christian and ecumenical group dedicated to prayer and to performing the abnegated service which we have offered to carry out based on the directions transmitted by the Divine Mother – Mary, Mother of Jesus – since August 2007, given to three visionaries who are consecrated monks of the Grace Mercy Order, an Order of religious, Christian and ecumenical life.

In the month of November 2012, after a year of public Apparitions, the Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary, asked this group that carries forward Her planetary and universal task by means of the Apparitions and different activities that She indicates, that this work be organized and supported by an Association.

She informed us that the name of the organization would be Association Mary – Mother of the Divine Conception and it would cover all of the activities indicated by Her for the development of Her task in these times. She affirmed moreover, that this Association also has as a goal to spread the Instructions that, by means of this group, Her Son Jesus Christ and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph transmit to the world.

Thus, on the 13th of December of 2012, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was constituted the Association Mary  – Mother of the Divine Conception.

The Association is also named, simply, the Association Mary. Legally it is a public religious non-profit association.

It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable and cultural character and it holds as a fundamental principle to not make distinctions based on origin, race, color, gender, age, nationality, social class and political or religion beliefs. Therefore it is not linked to any religion but to the Christic life in itself, in essence.

Its activities are free of charge, seeking to spread the universal message of love and peace transmitted by the Virgin Mary, by Christ Jesus and by Saint Joseph in all of their manifestations, and it seeks to encourage prayer and altruistic service.

Below are listed the fundamentals of this Association, to inform all of the pilgrims of the world, and how each Child of Mary can participate and collaborate.

The aims of the Association can be summarized as follows:

  • To offer possibilities of spiritual growth according to the teachings of the Virgin Mary in all of Her manifestations, always seeking a sincere cooperation within an ecumenical spirit;
  • To promote and to facilitate a fraternal and peaceful dialogue in the ecumenical and inter-religious field, especially to consider the possibilities of deepening in prayer and in abnegated service;
  • To promote events in Brazil and abroad with the aim of spreading the message of the Virgin Mary in all of Her manifestations and of the Christic teaching in its various forms;
  • To spread the message transmitted by Christ Jesus throughout time;
  • To encourage the formation of groups of prayer and to instruct them in an ecumenical and universal form of prayer;
  • To organize with its associated groups, encounters and prayer vigils in different places in Brazil and abroad, providing thus integration between the groups and the strengthening of prayer in each being;
  • To encourage people of all ages to the practice of prayer and to the contact with Marian and Christic songs.

How to participate:

All the activities offered by the Association Mary are free and the service that supports it is voluntary. If you wish to collaborate you can do it informally or at pre-determined times.

You can join the task as an informal collaborator or as a “Child of Mary Associate” (collaboration with an established pattern and with greater adherence to the Marian guidelines of service and prayer).

This work of the Most Holy Virgin Mary is carried out exclusively by voluntary and spontaneous donations that are very welcome and necessary.

Contact us:

Razão Social: Maria, Mãe da Divina Concepção (Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception)
also named Associação Maria (Association Mary)

Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas – CNPJ: Nº17.695.786/0001-01

PO Box 85
Carmo da Cachoeira – MG, Brazil
CEP 37,225-000


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