Why Donate?

To help us fulfill the requests of the Holy Virgin Mary and to expand Her Work throughout the world.

All of this Marian Work is carried forward with spontaneous donations and nothing is commercialized because of the explicit request of the Celestial Mother.

There are, currently, various needs with which you can collaborate. Some of them correspond to the following items:

Organization of the Apparitions which includes:

Transportation and lodging of the group that helps with the Apparitions (monks and technical team);
Material necessities to carry forward the Apparitions: rental of the space for the apparition (in case it is outside of the Marian Centers), chair rental, lighting, sound amplifiers, internet, candles, candle holders, flowers, etc.

Web page: Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother:
Maintenance of the webpage and of the services that allow for the transmissions of the Apparitions through the internet.

Preparation, printing and distribution of brochures, posters, pamphlets, pictures, prayers, etc.

Technical equipment:
Need to faithfully capture and transmit image and sound: (cameras, microphones, cables, lights, tripods, etc.).

Edition of books and CDs.

Tools of Prayer:
Preparation of Orandios, Scapularys, Bracelets of Peace and Medallions.

Each one of the gatherings and Apparitions represent a great effort of organization and implementation which requires a significant deployment of people and resources.

We must also have in mind that:

  • all this Work is carried forward by volunteer collaborators,
  • always respecting the request of Our Mother of not commercializing whatever She gives to us, and trying to feel it and to live it as something sacred, that comes from God.

Therefore donations must be sincere and spontaneous and the resources collected will be utilized exclusively to concretize the requests and the Work of the Divine Mother.


No matter how small it may be, your help is important and necessary.


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