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Calendar of prayer

(Updatedon 03/04/2014)

Act of Consecration to the Divine Heart of the Celestial Mother
Prayer of the Divine Faith
33 beads for the Children in the World
Prayer to Invoke the Holy Spirit
A Mystery of the Rosary
Prayer and Spiritual Petition to Jesus Christ
15 minutes of Contemplation to the Image of  the Merciful Christ
Reading of the last daily message transmitted by Christ Jesus
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
The Devotional to the Divine Mercy
Prayer to choice, offered for the consciousness of Whales and Oceans


Fast Day Fast Day
33 Universal Mother for the
Precious Souls1
A Mystery for the Marian Centers2 A Mystery for the Consecration of Africa3 33 Universal Mother for the
Precious Souls1
to the
Merciful Christ4
Devotional to the five Sacred Wounds of Jesus A Mystery for the Marian Centers2
Devotional for the
Indigenous Consciousness
A Mystery for Children and Youths Devotional for the
Indigenous Consciousness
Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus Devotional for the
Act of
of the World
Via Crucis
Prayer for the Innocent Souls Act of
Consecration of
the Children
Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus Prayer for the Innocent Souls Devotional to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph5 Orandium of
Passion and of
Orandium of
Passion and of
Prayer of Reconciliation and Brotherhood  Family Consecration to the Sacred and..
Orandium of
Passion and of
Via Crucis


* After each prayer, wait a few minutes in silence to internalize the work.
1. Precious Souls, name given to the brothers and sisters with Down Syndrome, also called by the Divine Mother as Beings Mongoloids.

2. Request of Prayer for the Marian Centers. (See here)

3. Hail Mary is available now in Swahili and Amharic. This prayer is to be published soon in other African languages, as it was requested by Our Lady. (See Hail Mary in languages)

4. Is contemplated in the morning, afternoon and evening.
After each contemplation, pray 33 beads of the Prayer for the Restoration of the Heart of Christ, which is recited in the first six beads of the Orandium of Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

5. After praying the Devotional to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, we offer the Prayer to Live in the Celestial Good.

Download the booklet with all the prayers here

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